Hello and WelcomeSmile!  
I am so excited that you decided to join me.

Embarking upon this journey from two perspectives,

I have chosen two separate blog hosts, two separate genres,

& two separate topics for the

The Atlanta Assistant’s BLOG

For most of us it comes down to two sides:

Yin & Yang, Naughty & Nice, Playful & Serious

Not that either side is better or worse than the other,
they are simply different and therefore need to be

presented with their own identities.

You may choose to follow one or both at your discretion…

Your support is Welcomed and Appreciated!!

  With so much information in storage, one would think…

What Do I Write About First”??

Well… Since ½ the battle was getting started…believe it or not that decision was easy.

I decided to write about the last things that were the first to give me





Whether it’s Personal, Business, Fashion, Entertainment, Sports,

Gardening, Sewing, Entertaining, Crafts, Design, or everything in between…

Making It All Come Together
The Atlanta Assistant

Make sure you subscribe to the RSS feed and feel free to comment and share your feelings…We hope that they are positive and if not at best they are constructive, rather than mean and derogatory. The Atlanta Assistant feels that it is possible to criticize positively. Do not tear something or someone down if you are not also willing to build them up.

If you find something that you don’t like or makes you uncomfortable…make a suggestion for problem resolution and we will do our best to satisfy your request. However, remember that The Atlanta Assistant is human and may not have the special powers to please everyone in the universe. I would like to apologize for that beforehand…Smile!!

The Atlanta Assistant reserves the right to delete any comment considered to be discriminating including but not limited with regard to Race, Sex, Religion, Disability, & Natural Origin

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